Growers Guide to Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves Released

There has been increasing interest in recent years in overhead irrigation systems within Australia. This has been in response to the potential water and labour savings of these systems compared to existing irrigation systems.

Graham Harris, Queensland Government Agri-Science, said that “There is a significant capital outlay in the purchase of these systems so it is important to get it right. Growers need to learn new management skills to get the best from these systems and minimise the delay in achieving good crop production and returns”.

To assist irrigators and their consultants our More Profit per drop team has recently completed production of the Growers Guide to Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves DVD. This provides a valuable resource for irrigators with these irrigation systems or those considering their purchase in the future. It is a collection of information and experiences from growers, suppliers, manufacturers and industry professionals across Queensland.

Growers Guide to Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves DVD

Growers Guide to Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves DVD

The Growers Guide provides an overview of these systems and examines:

  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Design
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

The production of the DVD has been funded through the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative and the Queensland’s Government Rural Water Use Efficiency 4 Program through the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC. Through this support the DVD is available free to Australian residents.

To order the DVD please download the attached order form below:

CPLM DVD Order Form – Use ‘Adobe Reader’ to submit

You can submit using the “Send via email” button or return to Graham Harris, PO Box102, Toowoomba, Q. 4350. Please save the order form to your desktop and use ‘Adobe Reader’ to complete the details.

You can also access each section of the DVD online from the video below:

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